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  • Guylene Solon

Emergence as Systems Concept

If you’re anything like me, the emergence concept was a difficult one to get my head wrapped around. When I heard it described, I knew it sounded super cool, but whenever I tried to describe it to someone else, I immediately felt how thin my understanding actually was. So, what the heck does it mean? And how does it show up in action?

“Theory U’s perspective: I attent this way therefore it emerges that way. For example, the quality of my listening co-shapes how the conversation unfolds. Or, speaking more generally, the quality of results in any social system is a function of the consciousness from which the people in that system operate. Boiled down to three words, the idea can be expressed as form follows consciousness.”

“There are two different sources of learning: (1) learning by reflecting on the past and (2) learning by sensing and actualizing emerging future possibilities.”



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