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  • Guylene Solon

Power of Relationships in Collaborative Efforts

Relationships build the foundation of any collaboration. To build trust amongst group members, start each time together with powerful check in questions. Click here for a collated list of my tried and true favorites.

“Progress moves at the speed of trust”

An easy, and often overlooked approach to generating trust and intimacy is through a meaningful check in question at the beginning of any meeting. This can include the organization you are affiliated with, but it goes beyond that to bring one's spirit, personality, and intent into the room. It serves to ground us, to allow us to ‘arrive’ in the space we are co-creating by having to consider a response enough to take us out of the work or personal matters we left in order to participate in the discussion. When choosing check in questions, consider xyz.

Below are some of our favorites. What are your favorites?

(insert check in questions)

“What sources are leaders and change makers actually operating from?

For example, what quality of listening, what quality of attention, do I bring to a situation - and how does that quality change the course of action moment to moment?”



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