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Monica Cuneo Consulting

I have been described as the link between ungrounded visions and over-grounded details. I come alive in ambiguous, emergent spaces while holding shared capacity in dreaming big and playing in the weeds. I love leaning deep into the question, “what will it take?”, envisioning what is possible and needed to create big change, and then getting my hands dirty with the detailed project management, research, and incremental decision processes to bring a shared vision to life.


One of my superpowers is listening. Whether with a multi-stakeholder group or a walk with a friend I am listening and forming the next question to move our inquiry and exploration deeper. I take all the tools and skills I’ve collected along the way and compassionately bring them to bear on the task at hand.


In my non-work life, I love hosting parties that celebrate food and community, taking long walks/bike rides/swims, and jumping into my imagination on-demand with my preschooler.

Start with the question,

“What will it take”?

Monica Cuneo
Monica Cuneo Consulting
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