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Clients & Collaborators

Monica Cuneo Consulting Clients & Collaborators

I partner with bold individuals and groups who are frustrated with the status quo and aren’t afraid to take measured risks for greater good. 

I collaborate with thoughtful visionaries in various settings: urban, rural, education, government, health care, non-profit community-based organizations, advocacy and more.  

I help you activate and grow your leadership capacity by supporting you in becoming the change agent you want to be. We collaborate as thought partners to navigate the context - political, social and everything in between - to bring about the big changes you want to see.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” -Ryunosuke Satoro

“Monica is an absolute gem! She’s smart, skilled and strategic. Monica supported overall strategy development and brought a participatory approach that cultivated real, authentic relationships with partners. Monica worked tirelessly to develop work plans, community needs assessments, evaluation frameworks, communication strategies and so much more. She’s a brilliant systems thinker and I would highly recommend her for future projects.”


- Lauren MacBeth, Director of Development, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

Monica Cuneo Consulting Clients & Collaborators
Signature Projects

*In collaboration with Context for Action

PCC Farmland Trust
Monica Cuneo Consulting Clients & Collaborators CSH
Monica Cuneo Consulting Clients & Collaborators Metro
Monica Cuneo Consulting Clients & Collaborators City Seal
Gresham Redevelopment Commission
Monica Cuneo Consulting Clients & Collaborators City of Portland

Oregon Health and Sciences University, Moore Institute for Nutrition and Wellness, Nutrition Oregon Campaign Oregon,

2016-2020 (active)

Support statewide network of cross sector partners to end chronic disease in Oregon via process facilitation, systems education, project management, community engagement, research and network design.

Working Farmland Partnership, Seattle, WA 2020

Facilitated multi-day virtual meetings to develop theory of change for cross sector partnership aimed at increasing farmland access in King County, WA.

PCC Farmland Trust Seattle, WA 2019-2020

Created a community informed business and expansion plan to scale a farm linking program statewide through the creation of hyper local networks to increase agricultural viability across Washington state.

City of Portland, Sustainable Procurement Portland, OR 2019*

Tested and refined a draft Contractor Code of Conduct and related Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire with key systems stakeholders - subject matter experts, contractors, city staff -to use the purchasing power of the City of Portland for greater, global good. Recommended opportunities to strengthen approach, communications, and documents.

Monica Cuneo Consulting Clients & Collaborators

Corporation for Supportive Housing*

Tri-county Equitable Housing Strategy to Expand Permanent Supportive Housing for People Experiencing Chronic Homelessness*

Facilitated alignment across several systems of care and community members experiencing homelessness to create recommendations to expand permanent supportive housing sufficient to meet the need in the tri-county/Portland metro region.

Metro Regional Government, Toxics Reduction and Equity Report Portland, OR 2018

Created and applied an equity framework to Identify vulnerable populations at risk for increased exposure to environmental toxins, their exposure pathways, and related health outcomes. Summarized federal legislation designed to monitor and regulate toxins and apply equity frameworks to develop priority opportunities for action.

Washington State Food Systems Roundtable Washington 2016-2017*

Revised the WA State Food Systems Prospectus -a 25 year plan to improve food systems - following statewide engagement with stakeholders across the state to refine and integrate community priorities.


Read the 25 year plan:

City of Gresham, Gresham Redevelopment Commission, Rockwood Rising Food Market Hall, Gresham, OR, 2018, 2014-2016

Compiled and edited the Rockwood Rising Food Market Hall business plan showcasing a cross-sector approach to increase healthy food access.  

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