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Monica Cuneo Consulting Approaches
Together, we’ll:
  • Build collective clarity on why we are collaborating for deep change

  • Surface and synthesize  insights and information to cultivate understanding of what needs to change

  • Facilitate active, engaging and empowering processes that develop the infrastructure of how we will work together to  shift  towards our shared vision of needed change

Monica Cuneo Consulting


Monica Cuneo Consulting

Here's How:

Collaborative Design:

  • The creation of effective, inclusive, diverse and meaningful collaborative structures. 

  • I’ll work with your organization, agency or community to scale or build from scratch a collaborative coalition, network or cross-sector initiative to address and shift the wicked problem you know needs to change.

Monica Cuneo Consulting

Collaborative Support

  • Process facilitation, project management, advice, and capacity.

  • I partner with collaborative leaders and groups at any point in their life cycle to bring extra oomph, juice, strategic perspective, and capacity to keep the batteries charged as you move towards your change target.

Monica Cuneo Consulting


  • Navigate complex discussion and decision making process in changing contexts.

  • I bring all the methods, skills, and tools from a lifetime of listening deeply and asking the right questions to actively steward projects forward. From dynamic one-time meetings to multi year evolution together we listen, focus, refine, repeat.


Monica Cuneo Consulting Facilitation

Community Engagement

  • Gather information from stakeholders and community members across systems to understand and co-create relevant responses to community needs.


  • Any effort to create big change is only as good as the people engaged to dream it. Through interviews, focus groups, surveys, listening sessions (virtually and / or in person), I collect the perspectives and experiences of those that create and influence the way systems operate alongside the perspectives of those that are most impacted.

Monica Cuneo Consulting Community Engagement

Research and Sense Making

  • Qualitative and secondary data collection, sense making, report writing and info-graphics.

  • The first step to knowing what to change is learning to love the problem. Loving the problem leads to research, analysis and synthesis of several types of data and translating findings into reports that are accessible by many communities.

Monica Cuneo Consulting

Training & Workshops

  • Build capacity to understand the what why and how of systems thinking, systems change and the collaborative approaches to realize systems change.

  • Through short presentations or extended training, learn the basics of what the heck systems thinking is to how the heck to apply it to big change. Learn why systems thinking is necessary for scaled impact, and some essential ingredients you and your group can use to lay a foundation for success.

Monica Cuneo Consulting
Monica Cuneo Consulting
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